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Why Choose Us to Help You Ace the PTE?

Considering taking the Pearson Test of English (PTE)? Here’s why it might be the ideal choice, and why our consultancy can be your perfect partner for PTE success:
  • Modern Testing Experience: Step into a computer-based environment you’ll feel comfortable in. Unlike pen-and-paper tests, the PTE offers a familiar, digital format that reduces stress and allows you to showcase your skills effectively.
  • Fast Results, Faster Progress: Get your PTE score back in just 5 business days! This quicker turnaround allows you to submit applications sooner and keep your study or migration plans on track.
  • Real-World Focus: Demonstrate your English skills in a practical context. The PTE uses tasks that mirror academic situations, like summarizing lectures or reading emails, making it relevant and applicable.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Find a test date that works for you! PTE testing centers often have more frequent test availability compared to IELTS, giving you greater control over your timeline.
  • All-in-One Score Report: Simplify the application process with a single, comprehensive score. The PTE reflects your performance across all four language areas (reading, writing, listening, speaking) in one result, saving you time and effort.

Our PTE preparation course is designed to maximize your score potential. We provide:
  • Expert PTE Instructors: Benefit from the guidance of experienced professionals who understand the nuances of the test. Personalized Learning Plans: Receive a study plan tailored to your strengths, weaknesses, and specific score goals.
  • Authentic Practice Materials: Simulate the real PTE experience with practice tests and exercises that mirror the actual exam format.
  • Proven Success Strategies: Learn effective techniques to tackle each section of the PTE with confidence.
  • Free Revision Classes: We offer you revision classes until you feel comfortable to take exams.
  • Unlimited Mock Test: We offer you free mock tests every Sunday till your real test exam. We provide ApeUni, AlfaPTE and Gurully for PTE mock tests.

Course Duration: 4-5 Weeks
Course Fees: NRs: 4000/-
Ready to take your first step towards a future filled with opportunity? Let our consultancy guide you on your PTE journey!
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